OMMAT’s Dr. Galal Visits Poultry Facilities in India

Posted on 10/30/2012

While Sudan works through early economic challenges following the recent separation with South Sudan, oil is flowing for export and growth is predicted in 2013 and beyond. During this time a company called The Arab Poultry Breeders, better known as OMMAT with established businesses in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, has devoted its resources and commitment to become the leading player in the emerging Sudanese economy.
OMMAT, together with Arbor Acres, is supplying the best performing broiler in the hot, challenging conditions experienced in Sudan.  The broiler is growing in popularity with the Sudanese farmers and is well supported by the established Arbor Acres and OMMAT partnership.
Stanley Millar, Arbor Acres and Dr. Galal, OMMAT receiving a traditional welcome at Aviagen India (pictured at left)

As part of the ongoing commitment and technical service to customers, Aviagen responded to a request from OMMAT’S production director Dr. Galal Mohamedain to arrange a visit to India. Dr. Galal was interested in studying all aspects of poultry management and sharing in the valuable experience of dealing with the conditions and succeeding in another emerging market.
Dr. Galal was given a conducted tour of the Aviagen India 265-acre facility in the southern state of Tamil Nadu where he experienced the strict procedures and attention to bio-security, together with a strong focus on flock health and chick quality. The Aviagen facility visit was followed by the opportunity to go to a number of commercial farms where it was possible to discuss and share poultry management and husbandry experiences with several Indian farmers. The visit was informative and appreciated by both Dr. Galal and his hosts.

From left, Paul Gittens, Aviagen India; Stanley Millar, Arbor Acres;
and Dr. Galal, OMMAT at the Aviagen India facility entrance

Dr. Galal added at the conclusion of his visit, “We don’t learn poultry management only from text books. We can continually educate ourselves and keep up to date through exchanges with our fellow poultry managers all over the world and I appreciate the assistance Aviagen provided in facilitating this visit.”
“With our worldwide connections and facilities we are willing and ready to support our customers through this kind of exchange so they can experience different approaches and profit from the high genetic potential on offer from the Arbor Acres brand,” added Stanley Millar, commercial manager Arbor Acres, Middle East and Africa.