Aviagen Celebrates a Decade as Unified Aviagen Latin America

Posted on 02/14/2017

Aviagen has supplied the region with quality breeding stock for decades, celebrates 10 years as Aviagen Latin America

Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil – While this year marks a decade of success for Aviagen® Latin America, poultry genetics leader Aviagen has been supplying the South American markets with excellent breeding stock for multiple decades. Considering its accomplishments throughout a rich history in the region, the company has cause to celebrate. Its market share has grown exponentially throughout the years, along with its importance as the region’s leading commercial poultry breeder.

Aviagen establishes first commercial breeding program, extends Latin American reach

Aviagen has held a strong presence in Brazil since 1985, when poultry breeder Agroceres Avicultura and Aviagen’s Ross® breeders began distributing Ross parent and grandparent stock to the Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia markets, together establishing the first and only commercial breeding program in Latin America. Then 22 years later in 2007, Aviagen purchased all assets from Agroceres Avicultura to form Aviagen do Brasil Ltda, serving the same markets. Later in 2010 Aviagen do Brasil was renamed Aviagen Latin America, headquartered in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, extending the company’s reach throughout all of Latin America.

Leading through investment

Throughout the years Aviagen has invested heavily in Latin America, establishing hatcheries, farms, a feed mill and a veterinary laboratory. In mid-2016 the company opened a state-of-the-art hatchery to keep pace with the region’s growing demand. The new hatchery boasts an impressive capacity to produce 1.3 million chicks per month, supplying all countries in South America with premier grandparent breeding stock.

Aviagen Latin America also invests in people and has a reputation for hiring educated, experienced and dedicated service teams to assist customers in achieving the highest possible performance with their breeding stock. 

Adding to its importance in the region, Aviagen Latin America in Brazil serves as one of the company’s major global production bases, along with the U.S., Europe, Turkey, India and Australia/New Zealand.

“Aviagen has propelled the Latin American poultry industry forward by consistently introducing breeding innovations to improve health, livability, hatchability, biosecurity and performance – benefits that have advanced the profitability and sustainability of the industry in general,” says Ivan Lauandos, president of Aviagen Latin America. “Aviagen’s broad and flexible product offering caters to ever-changing market requirements. At the same time, our ongoing investment in the region enables us to provide continuity of supply as the Latin American poultry market continues to trend upward.”